Thanksgiving (well, really Christmas!) Pillow Project


After the big Thanksgiving dinner at our house, the kids and grown-ups visit, snack, watch football, snack, nap, snack, and . . . make things! (Check out these Play-Doh sculptures from Thanksgivings past! :)) This year I’ll still have the usual supplies, but I thought it would also be fun to have a project that the kids can take home and/or guests can make to donate to a local nonprofit for Christmas gifts for children in need. The minute I decided on no-sew fleece pillows, I got an email from Hancock Fabrics with all their fleece for half price PLUS free shipping, so I knew it had to be! To keep it simple, I went ahead and did all the cutting, rolled and tied each matching pillow top and bottom together, and put the right amount of stuffing in individual bags so everyone can just choose a fabric, grab a bag, and find a comfy spot to craft and chat. I’ll try to post a photo of all the kids with the pillows we make after the holiday! β™₯

P.S. Since the instructions call for cutting out the corners from each piece, I now I have about a bazillion colorful 4 x 4 inch fleece squares to use for other projects. Any ideas???

P.P.S. Click here for a kids’ Thanksgiving story and lots of wonderful last-minute holiday recipes and crafts from Collectively Creative. Blessings to all!

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  1. That’s a super-fun project idea! And about those leftover squares– could you group them into color families and then sew them into fleece-y patchwork quilts? Since a big part of my work is creating color palettes, I can picture the rows of squares sewn together to make a color sequence, like my yarns.

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  3. I think kits are a great way for people to learn something new. They can be proud of what they created and inspired to move on to other projects. I love the idea of these little pillows for children to have to ‘cuddle’, especially if they made it. Another generous idea, and I thank you for sharing it.

    I was going to suggest making a quilt from your left-over squares. I can’t believe you have never made a quilt! A new challenge?

    Enjoy your week—Vickie

  4. Katherine, what a great idea to do some crafting together when family is all gathered. I may have to adopt your tradition if you wouldn’t mind. My little ones are all under 5, so it would be a good thing to start now, and at least one is a crafting addict!

  5. Nice little projects. The 4 inch squares could be turned into bean bags. sew two pieces on three sides with seam on the outside and fill (rice or beans) and continue sewing the ofth side. Done by hand these make a fun to-do project for kids Plus an indoor game when done.

  6. A really great idea. and of course like all great ideas it gives birth to other great ideas. I am spending Christmas this year with the usual suspects but also a large group of people I don’t know very well. I am going to use your idea to make Christmas craft kits and do some crafty bonding.
    I know enough about them to know they will love doing this. Also I shall sing your praises and tell the little ones the importance of “citing your sources.”

  7. Q – I made two really big pillows; one for our dog and one for my daughter’s dog. 😎 Used Charger patterned fleece on one side and SD Padre patterned fleece on the other side. 😎

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  9. What a fantastic idea, and so simple! I love this … I’ll bet the kids had a great time too. Suggestion for those little squares: what about some needle books, with each square being one page? You could then use a rectangle as a cover, and stitch or button the spine … =D

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