Fleece Earbud Pouches


Thanksgiving before last, we had a family craft/service project while everyone was here for the holiday, making fleece pillows for Christmas gifts for local nonprofits. Afterward, I had about a bazillion 4 x 4 inch squares of fleece left over! Last summer I used some to make freezer pop holders, but I still had tons in my stash. Then I found several tutorials for earbud pouches. . . perfect! They take less than a half hour to cut out and stitch, and they’ll make fun mini-gifts for lots of kids I know. Here are some of the ideas I read about . . . thank you for the inspiration, ladies! ♥

Dog Under My Desk

Sew Exhausted

Sewlicious Home Decor



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  1. I never thought of using fleece! I love that idea! And I love my earbud pouch. I have it attached to my keychain so I always have it- whether at the gym or at work or whatever. I may need to do some fleece ones for Christmas!

  2. aha I really ought to make one of these Kathryn ! I’m always leaving mine plugged in and dangling and then … step on them :-/
    Super idea !

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