Mrs. Hetherington’s Thanksgiving Pageant


Welcome to the “THANKFUL” edition of Collectively Creative! Today I have a giveaway for all of our blogging friends . . . one of my children’s stories from Pockets magazine for you to read, share, and/or use to introduce a creative writing activity about holidays.  Simply click the first link for a printable word document or the second link for a printable pdf.

Mrs. Hetherington’s Thanksgiving Pageant (word document)

Mrs. Hetherington’s Thanksgiving Pageant (pdf)

I hope some special kids in your life will enjoy meeting Mrs. Hetherington and her Portland Elementary School Drama Club this holiday season! But first, please pour a cup of tea and take a few minutes to savor the rest of this month’s Collectively Creative posts. Each one has something special to enrich our lives. Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

P.S. If you’re a parent, grandparent, children’s book reviewer, librarian, or teacher, please check out the new kids’ Thanksgiving book called Sarah Gives Thanks by one of our fellow WordPressers, Mike Allegra at heylookawriterfellow. I bought a copy, and it’s a keeper!


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    • You’re very welcome, Julie! I entered it into the magazine’s yearly fiction contest in 2000 and it didn’t win, but they published it, so that was a win to me! 🙂 And then they published again a few years later. I especially love the illustrations they added! 🙂

  2. Cute story! Thanks for sharing it and mentioning Mike’s book, Sarah Gives Thanks!

    Those Crafty Collective gals sure have some great ideas. Thanks for bringing these ideas to our attention. 🙂

  3. What a lovely story… I really like the way it allows children whose circumstances don’t fit the Norman Rockwell picture of Thanksgiving to feel great about their own way of celebrating the day. Thank you for sharing!

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