Pillowcase Dolls


Doll Sisters

Knowing that I had lots of my grandmother’s embroidered pillowcases, one of my crafty friends offered to lend me her pattern for pillowcase dolls! She explained that, historically,  the dresses have matching bonnets and are worn by very simple, faceless muslin dolls so I’d actually have three items to cut out and sew—a doll, a dress, and a bonnet. Although I couldn’t locate a link for a free pattern like mine online, you can find several inexpensive (under ten dollars) patterns for dolls identical to these by Googling “pillowcase doll kits,” and you can also find free patterns for different types of rag dolls and doll dresses that could be adapted to this style. Making pillowcase dolls IS detailed and time-consuming, but it’s completely worth every tender stitch you put into it. I know these little ladies will be loved forever! ♥

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  1. What an oiriginal idea and a great way to carry on the tradition of grandma’s linenes to a new generation. Many things like hand stitched linens are lost or forgotten, not seen for the priceless treasure they really are, but this brings them right back into the limelight where they deserve to be.

  2. Beautiful! I love them! My grandmother also embroidered and embellished pillowcases a lot. She got into the fabric paint–liquid embroidery, I think it was called, and did a lot of that too. I found a sheet she made for my son that had a drawing of ET on it! A weird heirloom! I wish I had some of her wonderful pillowcases to make into dolls, but I think all the ones we got from her, we used until completely worn out.

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  4. Oh my, These are soooo adorable! Really love them. TFS. I have pinned them. Hope thats ok. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Regards Florence x

  5. These are great. I am searching for a pattern to make one for my little girl with grandma’s pillowcase. Will you suggest one?

    • The pattern I used was a bedraggled copy of a copy from a friend, and I don’t have it anymore. 😦 But . . . I just googled “pattern for pillowcase dolls” and it looks like there are some available online, especially on ebay. I wish you good luck in your search, Kathryn! These dolls really are precious in every way.

  6. I have several pillow cases like this handed down from my grandmother and great grandmothers. Right now they sit in my closet. However, I have three very young god daughters now. This would be an incredible gift that my grandma and I could do together for them. Thank you so much for the idea.

  7. These linen dolls remind me of a large angel doll that stands on a water-filled soda bottle or on top of a Christmas tree. My sister bought several as Christmas gifts from someone who handmade them. I have had mine for years. I love old linens and am finding some uses for the ones I inherited. Not sure I have any pillow cases though. I do know someone who collects them and uses them on her master bed pillows.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Most appreciated. I can see I simply must join yours too. By the way, how did you hear of me, if you don’t mind me asking. I am looking to build my following.

  8. Hi all I so love these beautiful dolls. I have made a few, but have lost my pattern. If anyone has a pattern please please email it to me. I would surely appreciate it so very much. I now have 2 beautiful granddaughters and would so love to make them one for Christmas. Thank you so very much. Debbie

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