Mini-Pillow Ornaments


In late summer I started on my Christmas mini-pillow ornaments, and I finally decided to stop . . . for this  year! (They’re addictive!) All they take are little bits of fabric and ribbon, plus buttons, bells, lace, and embroidery . . . oh, and your imagination!  P.S. Please check out these links for some more ornaments to try! ♥

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    • You can write a post about it and invite people to enter by writing a comment (or whatever criteria you choose). Then at the end of the designated time, you can choose a winner or write the names on paper and draw one out of a hat or however you like. Then you post the winner’s name and contact her and ask her to email you her home address so you can mail the prize. This seems like the easiest way, but some of your other blogging friends might have additional ideas! 🙂 The main thing is to have fun! 🙂

  1. You’re a doll Katherine, thank you so much for including Boomdeeadda in your post. I see you’ve been a busy girl, how cute. I wish I got half a much done as you do…Have a wonderful weekend, you’ve made my day.

  2. Love these too
    I wanted you to know also that I have chosen you for an award
    When you have time I would love for you to accept it

  3. Very cute, I was making some rectangular ones similar to this in plain cotton. Adding lavender and painting a small design on top. They were great stocking fillers, as are these cute ones. Thanks for inspiring me.

    • I love those, too! 🙂 Two of my Thanksgiving guests chose Snow and Jingle for their take-home gifts! And I’ll be giving Treble Clef to my one and only piano student . . . my granddaughter Allyson. 🙂

  4. Oh goodness! These are lovely! These also make delightful Christmas gifts! Love everything you create! The handstitched sentiments are especially sweet and of course the cute buttons!!! Thank you also for the lovely pingback to my blog! ~Vanessa

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  6. So cute!! I’ve made mini-sweater ornaments, but never thought of mini-pillows! I’m going to have to make some. Wonder if I could do a mini version of my entrelac pillow covers?

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  8. Thank you for the link to my ornaments! I have done a silly thing though… I tried to change my blog’s username and in the process lost all the links to my old one. Would you mind changing the link from “ericagarrett” to “handmadetalesofdiyderringdo” so that it actually works?
    Thanks so much, I feel like such a luddite!

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