Upcycled Porch Side Table



PatioWe had a small porch side table whose top recently met its demise. See the little suction cups in the first photo above? They don’t work! So, when the table tipped, the resin top fell out and broke into several unrepairable pieces. But . . . no loss! It wasn’t a family heirloom or cherished purchase, just a handy place to keep a cup of coffee and book while sitting on the porch. And now I like it even better! Last summer I acquired a wire serving tray by disassembling a floor fan whose motor burned out. I’ve used it a few times, but it mostly sits in the pantry WAITING to be used, and the metal was a perfect match for the table stand. So, I:

  • removed those ineffective suction cups,
  • super-glued the tray onto the stand,
  • and tied the tray onto the stand through the suction cup holes with thin leather strips for extra support.

Now, come on over for a visit on my porch ANYtime! β™₯

And, in the spirit of upcycling, please read the following call for submissions from our friend Mahe whom you’ve met here and here and here. She has an exciting plan to get your projects and name out to like-minded crafters and artists around the world!

Dear friends of Pillows A-La-Mode,

My name is Mahe Zehra, but I mostly go by MZ. I am a mathematician by training but an artist by nature, so in addition to my day job at a software company, I have a small green crafting company of my own called Altered Upcycling.

I chose this name because I think it explains my art style. I apply mixed media and altered art techniques to materials that are recyclable. I make art from paper scraps, soda cans, and plastic packaging. I have written several books and videos available on Amazon.com.

My latest venture involves putting together a book that brings upcycling projects to and from crafters and artists from all over the world! The book will contain 35-50 tutorials, each accompanied by the submitter’s photo, a short bio, and any other links you want to promote.

This book will be a great advertising opportunity, as I will be marketing it to my 5000-strong Facebook audience and my crafting mailing list as well as on my blog. In addition, I will run ad campaigns and offer free downloads on Amazon. Globally, the book will make its way to 10,000-20,000 readers!

I would LOVE for you to be included in this book! All I need is a craft project that focuses on upcycling. The tutorial should have pictures or a video and clear, step-by-step instructions.

Please sent your submission along with your photo, short bio, and links by Monday, July 22 to thecraftycan@gmail.com.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Your table is perfect! It will last through winds (go right through it!) and rains (ditto)!!!! Way to go…..”table A-la-mode”…….she ‘strikes’ again!!!!! LOL!!!!

      • Hey it was amazing meeting you! What a great start to a long friendship and I can’t wait to teach you to crochet. πŸ˜‰ Oh by the way have a wonderful first time tailgating party at the Wingnuts game today. Hugs back at you, Tamara

  2. Both are brilliant ideas! Your up-cycled patio table is perfect. I love the idea of the book of up-cycled projects as well. Talk about connecting the social media world and helping the real world at the same time. i would love to participate but I need some time to think about what I have up-cycled that would be applicable. i will be in touch! ~Thea

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