Free Dress or Top Pattern!


MarthaStewartDressWhile I’m on a roll with new wearable discoveries, I thought I’d add a link to a FREE pattern and tutorial I found while reading my April, 2013 Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Just click here for a design you can adapt for a dress, tunic, or blouse–long-sleeves or short.

I love the idea of a tunic with a belt!

Happy sewing! ♥

P.S. You still have two more days to enter the Origami Owl blogger locket giveaway!  The winner will be announced on Monday.  Can’t wait!


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  1. I’m so glad to see how garment sewing is making a comeback! Even the younger gals are taking to the creative possibilities in custom sewing! Yay! Thanks for the link!! Hugs, D

  2. Thank you so much for finding the pattern and letting us all know about it. I have boxes full of patterns but this one seems simple. Since I’m finally trying my hand at sewing again, I’ll have to give it a whirl. Comment on previous comments. If someone is looking to buy a machine to learn to sew, get the basic of the best to keep from being frustrated by the machine itself. Husquvarna, Pfaff, Bernina or Babylock are my recommendations. I’d like to see the one eclecticlamb does sashiko embroidery on. I’m sure it will be stunning too. I don’t comment often but I always visit. You have so much fun stuff even though I have no little ones to make things for anymore. Maybe later.

    • Your comment just made my day! I agree with starting out with a simple machine . . . and they’re SO reasonably priced these days! Believe it or not, I still use the Singer sewing machine my parents got me in high school . . .and I’m a grandmother now! All it does it straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and make buttonholes. But it still works great and I love it. Have fun sewing . . . can’t wait to see your creations! Hugs, Katherine

  3. I love me a tunic myself…it’s a great way for me as a theatre teacher to feel “dressed up” but still have pants on so I can play the theatre games with my students and not worry about my dress flipping up. Thanks for sharing the link to this freebie! I love me a good freebie!

  4. Oh fab! I’m definitely going to make at least one of the long tunics; they’re so good for wearing over tights or leggings at work and still being dressy enough. Thanks for the link!

  5. It doesn’t seem to get very good reviews on, but seems very similar to a pattern I have made a few times, Simplicity 3835. I think the instructions on how you put it together on MS are a bit confusing though.

  6. Thanks for the reminder! I saw this in the magazine, dog-eared the page, and forgot about it. I really want to make one, too! Now…where did I put that magazine? Never mind! I have the link, thanks to you. 😉

  7. I just checked them out Katherine, I love these; they are perfect for summer! Easy to wear for mommy with a baby and you need to go for groceries or park! thanks for sharing this freebie!

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