Kids’ Scarves and Hats


ScarfPatternWe’ve had another cold snap since Valentine’s Day, and I’m still working on using the immense amount of fleece I bought for a family service project a couple of years ago, so it was the perfect time to try out the kids’ hat and scarf pattern I found in a $1 bin at Jo-Ann.

I changed the scarf up a bit and made it two layers instead of one, but I followed the hat pattern as is . . . super easy.

Now they’re ready to donate to a local preschool for some little ones who might need a soft, warm, wearable hug. ♥

Other fleece projects:

Tie pillows

Freezer pop holders

Earbud pouches


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  1. Your scarves are lovely. Are you going to make those cute pointy hats as well? I LOVE the look of those 🙂
    I bought a whole stack of polar fleece today to make earflap beanies, using a new Simplicity pattern. Even though it’s late and I’m tired, I still feel like getting started with a couple…..

  2. Hi Katherine, Can you tell me what type of stuffing is used for the tie fleece pillows? and about how much it takes to fill a pillow? Thank you so much! I really enjoy the projects on your blog.

  3. I was just thinking I needed to keep some hats and gloves at my house when my gkids come to visit. Went to the store and they are completely sold out. This post was perfect timing and I have quite a bit of fleece stashed away. And what a great idea to give these to day cares. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Katherine, this is a lovely idea and it gives me an idea for all the knit fabrics I need to make use of. You made me remember that years ago when my kids were in grammar school I made them both fleece jackets. It was one of my very first clothing projects. The jackets were so big but they loved them and wore them often all the way until they hit college, lol! I can’t work with fleece fabric anymore but your service project and patterns can be adapted to many knits. You have a great blog! Thank you!

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