Even though I knew we’d have more snow this week (and we did!), I had a free day on Saturday so I went ahead and dressed our home for spring, including a new GREEN Shantilly frame! For March, I found a thought-provoking Emily Dickinson quote about luck, snipped a tiny calendar from a bookmark in a Better Homes and Gardens mailer, and made some rolled fabric rosettes (from this tutorial, only stitched instead of glued). Happy *almost* spring! ♥  P.S. Here are the red frame restyles for NovemberDecember, January, and FebruaryMarchFrame

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  1. Beautiful! You are so ahead of the game! I probably won’t get my March pillow out until mid-March. I should do it right now beings that I still have the November pillow out, ha!

  2. Seems I’m not the only one that has had enough of the cold! I really like your “Spring” offering. Did you purchase more than one of the frames? I seem to remember the last featured one was red…..or was it black. My mind is deserting me. Anyway, I like your fabric flowers and your readiness for spring.


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