It’s April!


It’s time to change up my Shantilly frame again! I’ve been making lots of rolled fabric rosettes from remnants—the perfect handwork project for road trips or watching TV. (I use this tutorial but stitch instead of glue.) So, while waiting for REAL flowers to pop out, I decided to bunch my fabric versions into a colorful garden with a peeping PEEP left over from my spring garland for a-la-mode. Happy April . . . and don’t pull TOO many April Fool’s tricks today!  ♥  P.S. Here are the red frame restyles for NovemberDecember, January, and February and the green frame design for March.


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  1. You have so inspired me. I bought some frames at the thrift store, some chicken wire and then found more frames in boxes I just drug out of storage. I’ll be giving it a go after the dozen other projects on the burner. Even found my mini clothespins. Now, I must get to work. Thanks so much for another fun way to use the frame..

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