What can you make with a lace tank?


A few years ago I found this beautiful lined stretch-lace tank for $5 on a sale rack at JJill! But . . . it turned out that the color made my already-pale skin looked even more washed out . . . and it got several snags from a clothes-eating teacher’s desk . . . so I decided to get out my trusty scissors to rescue it from its lonely existence at the back of the closet. Here’s what I made:

  • A headband
  • A flower pin and hair bow (each with a vintage earring in the center)
  • A mini origami lotus bag (paired with a bit of coral velvet from a robe my mom-in-law made and some thin gold cord)
  • A bracelet purse (paired with a cotton remnant in the same color family for lining)
  • A luggage tag (lace back paired with the same remnant and some burlap ribbon)
  • A contrast-corner pillow (lace back paired with the same remnant and the lace from the tank’s neckline across the corners)

Loved it . . . hated it . . . now love it again! ♥

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    • You would love making the bracelet purse! It’s great for a little girl . . . or for a small evening bag. The luggage tags are fun, too, and with the right fabric can even be a guy gift. 🙂

  1. Okay, that’s it. I can’t take it anymore.
    Either you are going to have to adopt me or I am sending you all my old clothes so you can turn them in to cool new things. Of course you’ll have to send the new things back to me. 🙂
    Laura, your new dependent

    • They’re super easy! If you follow the links you’ll find a tutorial. I’ve used ALL kinds of fabrics and all kinds of buttons and *jewels* for the centers, and you can put either a pin or a hair clip on the back. They’re sort of addictive! 🙂

  2. Man, your brains are way to fertile for only one person… Lol! Everything look amazing and so feminine 🙂 amazing how many items you could do with a small tank…

  3. These are super cute! Some of these ideas would work really well for left over scraps of material too 😀 Thanks for the ideas xXx

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