Bracelet Purse


Recently I read a post from a fun blogger that included a link to an intriguing craft project I just had to try: bracelet purses for little girls. Aren’t they cute? And they’re easy, too, with the following qualifying remarks . . .

(1) The pdf for the pattern wasn’t quite true to size, so I had to enlarge it a bit.

(2) When shopping for the bangle bracelets, I was excited to find these colorful, floss-wrapped versions in the dollar bin at Michaels. Since they’re thicker than the ones in the tutorial, I added a couple of inches to the top of the pattern.

(3) I had to do a “practice run” to get it right. The first time, I sewed too far up the sides, so by the time I attached the bracelets I could barely open the bag. But the second time around (with a different pink fabric) went off without a hitch. And, after I had to cut off the handles from Attempt #1, I turned the bottom half into a cute basket for some of my vintage buttons, so no worries! ♥

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  1. I am SO IMPRESSED. I tried to make one of these, and I now have a tiny doll-sized purse that would be the right size for Thumbelina. I’ll try enlarging the PDF. Thanks!

  2. Somewhere in the tutorial it says that the cut fabric should be 8 inches at its highest and widest, so I added a margin around the edges to make it that size. (I think it could even go a bit bigger and still work.) I also ended up handstitching the parts that wrap around the bracelets since I used such fat ones. But even with that, it took less than an hour to make each one . . . my kind of project! THANK YOU for the idea, and good luck!!! 🙂

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  4. The girls absolutely love them and take them literally everywhere, and it has been fun finding some of their treasures they put in there, something different every time. Thank you for all you have made for us/them, we really appreciate the time it takes and the thoughts behind it.

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    • When I taught first grade and the children wanted to start over on their drawings, I always tried to help them think of a way to turn what they had into something else. I guess I learned my own lesson! 🙂

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  9. Can anyone share the tutorial? Every post about these purses goes to same link, and it says there is no such thing when you search the site. So frustrating.

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