Road Trip Flowers


Here are all the flowers I made on our road trip today! A new trick I tried on some of them was stacking or clustering different buttons, either to highlight key colors in a print or to add a little extra a-la-mode to a solid. Click here for a list of supplies and a link to the tutorial. β™₯

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  1. Love them all! So cute! But ma favorite is the peach flowers on black… πŸ˜‰ how can you sew on a car trip?? I can knit and crochet, but sewing… I will be afraid to poke myself too often lol!

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  5. These are so stinkin’ cute! I want to make some now, though I have no idea what I’d do with them once they were done.

    • You can sew/glue pins on the back and wear them on sweaters or coats or hats . . . sew/glue clips on the back or sew/glue them to headbands and wear them in your hair . . . sew them on throw pillows or curtains . . . glue them on lampshades or bulletin boards . . . tie them on packages in place of bows . . . make smaller ones and sew them on little girls’ clothes . . . the sky’s the limit! You’ll have fun! πŸ™‚

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  7. Wow, I made some that look kinda like yours, just before we started working on my craft room…I will post them soon…O’Great job by the way, love them….

      • Thanks…it’s not easy to see all these new craft ideals and not be able to make the 1st due 2 my room being worked on…..there are a few of your ideals I so want 2 try out..i love the one about the t-shirt turned into a dress. so can’t wait …you are a very talented person…God has blessed you

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