Did you love sleepovers when you were a little girl? They were my favorite! Last weekend some fun girls in my family drove in for a “Crafty Cousins Slumber Party.”  We went out to eat, chatted, crafted, slept, ate breakfast casserole and cinnamon roll-ups, went to a big craft show (where my lovely daughter-in-law Shannon launched Shantilly!), and ended with lunch out with my dad. We made fabric flower brooches, Christmas cards (thanks Margo!) and earrings (thanks Karen!). If you heard laughter floating through the air Saturday night, now you know why. ♥


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      • I did do a mini sleepover when Sandi Irish (guest speaker at our Festival of Quilts in Oct.) spent a couple of nights with me….DH was “banished” to the camper for that time and we sat up and sewed and talked and then spent the days each doing ‘our thing’ at the event.

  1. Love that we both posted on crafty events with family! And how fun is a Crafty Cousins Slumber Party? Two of my favorite things in the world are crafting and slumber parties. Put ’em together with a laughing family, and I’m in heaven. Such a great idea!

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  3. That sounds like so much fun and high on my list of perfect weekends. Cool beans!

    Such cheerful Christmas cards. I especially like the little banners. That would be a great way to use tiny scraps and a big way.

    Nicely done and so much fun. I’m almost certain I heard the laughter from here.

    • Thank you, Alys! I don’t have card-making things at home, but I love getting a chance to make them at a class or with friends! I love those banners, too . . . although I picked up the wrong piece for that last one and it doesn’t quite harmonize . . . it’s a free spirit, I guess. 🙂

      • Three cheers for free spirits!

        I love taking craft classes to learn new and different things and to have all the tools and materials provided. It lets you explore a variety of mediums without necessarily making a big investment. So much fun.

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