Mmm . . . Cinnamon Roll-Ups!



PlateI was in charge of refreshments for our Sunday School class this week. I never have to decide what to bring, because everyone always requests Cinnamon Roll-Ups! I’ve posted the recipe before, but here it is again in case you missed it. Because you can make these goodies ahead, freeze them, and bake a few at a time, they’re perfect for holiday houseguests as well as book club, finger-food parties, and any other occasion that calls for a sweet treat. Click on the recipe for a printable page . . . I use wheat bread. Enjoy!   P.S.  Here’s a link about the cute bird from Zuliganz! ♥


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  1. These are scaring me!!! Ridiculously easy and have cream cheese/butter!!! Can make ahead and freeze! Wow! I have all the ingredients but they will have to wait……lemon bars in the oven at the moment and my “will power” is at a “minus” level!!!! LOL! How have I missed this one on your blog!!?? Hugs…….

  2. These look incredible! I will certainly be making some of these. I like your idea of using wheat bread, it will make me feel that I am eating something that is healthier! Thanks for sharing this recipe. Enjoy your week. ~ Vickie

  3. Katherine, Those look so darn delicious! Ah….but being on a weight loss venture I think it would be suicide to make them:(
    I’d eat every single one…Of coarse I am going to jot down the recipe just in case I change my mind:)

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