Bag O’ Bunnies


When I meet my amazing daughters-in-law or gal pals for coffee or lunch, I love to take them a little handmade gift. My newest craze is these little spring bunnies made from fabric scraps! You can find the pattern and tutorial from Angie on The Little Fabric Blog. Thank you, Angie!  P.S. The lovely tulips are a gift from our recent houseguest and friend, Nancy. The table mat is here, and the photo star on the wall is here. ♥


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  1. That is such a great idea and has a ” Steiner” feel to it. Everyone I know would love one (or two) including me. : )

  2. You always have the best ideas. I just love anything that involves using up scraps or recycling. I run a playgroup for disabled kids so this is a fantastic idea for them, as such a better alternative to chocolate at least in terms of their health. Thank you. I will post some pics on my blog.

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