Meeting a Blogger For Real!


I follow the Empty Nest Feathers blog and really fell for this blogger. We have so much in common! All sons . . . check!  Writers and editors . . . check!  Play the piano . . . check!  And on and on and on! Since we live less than an hour apart, I thought it would be fun to meet in person. So I emailed her and we met for coffee (two regular coffees with cream), talked for an hour and a half (it seemed like five minutes), walked to our cars (the same color), and parted ways with a hug. If you ever get a chance to meet one of your blogging friends in real life—go for it! ♥  P.S. Here is the funny blog post my new friend wrote about our meeting. (She’s WAY wittier than I am! But, for the record, my red hair is from Clairol too, I’m NOT mrhmpher narrower, and she’s most definitely not evil!)  Oh, and to see what’s in the package, click here and here and here!

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  1. I drove 4 hours to meet a fellow blogger friend …It was so worth it…Like we had known each other all of our lives…The visit was short …but, hope to have a longer one in the future…So I just love it that you made the effort…and the common threads …are so neat…mkg

  2. Sounds lots of fun 🙂 I have met people from online in the past and it is amazing how it all translates to *real life*. glad you had a fun time and found a new friend.. lovely 🙂

  3. That is so fantastic Katherine, I’m excited for you. You probably notice that Alys from Gardening Nirvana is so very dear to my heart. We are planning a trip thru her home town for next spring and I can’t wait. WordPress has brought such good things my way, I can see that’s true for you too.

  4. I haven’t checked out her blog, but DO agree with you – it would be fun to meet some of the bloggers out there in cyberspace that I am certain would be great friends! Including you, you are a creative person with a lot of energy.

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