One Year Award and Giveaway!


UPDATE on 9-22-12: Click HERE to read the heartwarming results of this post!

One week from today is the anniversary of my first WordPress blog post! Since I’ve discovered how many people around the world I’d love to have for next-door neighbors, I’d like to celebrate with a new award and giveaway!

AWARD: Please nominate a WordPress blogger (or lots of them!) for the “Good Neighbor Award” in an email to me at k[underscore]scraper@hotmail[dot]com (to keep it a surprise!), including a link to the blog and why you’d like this blogger to live next door. To cook/sew/craft/shop/write together? To learn to do something new? To be inspired? To visit over a cup of tea? Nominees will receive the award button on September 22.

GIVEAWAY: The person with the MOST nominations will be invited to send me a formerly-loved garment that I’ll make into some fun treasures (a-la “What can you make with a flannel shirt?” or “What can you make with a lace tank?” or “What can you make with a polo shirt?“) and return. THANK YOU for reaching out in friendship this past year, and I hope to hear from you soon! ♥

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary ! This is a wonderful idea, so you !! I will send you an email with a few of my fav “want to be my neighbor” friends. Can I nominate you? lol

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    • I didn’t know what to expect, Heidi, but it was amazing to open my email inbox each time and see all these lovely compliments about our blogger friends . . . including YOU! I love following your blog, and you are very much admired. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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