Themed Fabric Gift Bags


A fun way to present a handmade or store-bought gift is in a bag made of a fabric design that fits the gift. Sometimes you can use a bit of fabric left over from the project itself, such as this bag for Katy’s superhero cape with a “K” logo for a-la-mode:


Other times, you can use a themed fabric, such as this beach-designed bag for the swimsuit cover-up I made for Danielle and bunny/carrot fabric for a carrot and book for a toddler Easter gift:



It’s also fun to find fabric that matches books. Here is some Mr. Men fabric for a drawstring bag for a set of books for Kira and some Nancy Drew fabric for a tote bag full of books for Ally and Miranda:



A final idea is to add embroidery to “regular” fabric to fit the theme, such as this bag for cookie cutters:


I love making drawstring bags and totes when I need a quick “sewing fix,” so this is definitely win-win. Thank you for checking them out! ♥

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  1. These are so cute and I love them! I have had the ‘sewing’ bug lately, and I will make some of these with fabrics from my stash. Thank you for sharing these! Enjoy your creative and family time!

  2. This is fantastic! I never thought of doing this for gifts! It’s like a bit of a bonus gift! I actually once went to a market where the stall holder put your purchases in a drawstring or crochet bag she had made with scraps. Everybody got one regardless of the value of the purchase!

  3. We could spend a lot of time together looking of fabric and thinking of books to pair with different designs! Or maybe that wouldn’t be good for the budget.! What a wonderful creative idea . . . and super gift! Love you – S

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