Mr. Men and Little Miss Books


When my boys were little, they loved Mr. Men books. My first-graders loved them, too. Now my grandchildren love them! The stories are odd and quaint and preachy, but the characters are totally loveable . . . and we can all relate to their funny foibles. After Mr. Men Books became so popular, the author/illustrator Roger Hargreaves also started writing Little Miss books. Imagine how excited I was to find Mr. Men fabric at! I ordered a yard to make a drawstring gift bag for a set of Little Miss books for an upcoming birthday girl (there’s even a birthday book in the set!) and had enough for a pillow, too. Oh, and this drawstring bag was so much fun! I’ve made dozens of these bags in my life, but never with this super-cool design by Jona of Stop Staring & Start Sewing. Thank you, Jona! ♥

BooksBag and Pillow

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  1. Such a super cute gift set! Don’t you love it when you find the perfect fabric actually for sale? It’s great that you can design your own fabric on Spoonflower, but there’s something about commercially available fabric that makes me feel like, “Yay! Other people love this, too!”

    • You’re very welcome! Oh, and I corrected the spelling of your name here and on the apron posts where I mentioned your blog . . . JONA, not JANA! 🙂 Thanks again for the fun tutorials, Jona! 🙂

  2. Ah this took me back Kathryn 🙂 Didn’t we all have fun giving people we knew a Mr Men persona LOLOL

    LOVE the drawstring bags .. bound to be very popular !

  3. So cute! Love the bag and love the fabric. I must check it out. I was just as excited when I found ‘Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus’ fabric was coming out at the beginning of this year. My little boy loves that book, simple story but soooo appealing. The fabric to accompany it is great. Only thing is when these fabrics come out it’s so hard to get a hold of them in the UK!

    • Oh, I must look for that! I think I’m going to start searching for book-related fabric for every child’s birthday now. 🙂 My favorite kids’ book is Pete the Cat . . . I hope someone designs fabric for that soon! 🙂

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