Back to School Pencil Pouches


My niece Amanda got to stop by for a few hours on her vacation to Kansas. We love to make projects together when she visits, like last summer’s ruffle apron. This time we made pencil pouches for HER nieces who are getting ready to begin first and second grade. Amanda looked through my stash and found a crayon print for the outside, alphabet print for the inside, felt for interfacing, and zippers in the girls’ favorite colors. We used the sunnies cases tutorial, only in a different size and shape. We also typed up the instructions so Amanda can make more when she gets home. Click Pencil Pouch to download all the steps. Happy Back-to-School! ♥


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  1. Your niece is a beautiful young lady! Love the pencil pouches! Looks like they would make good crochet hook holders too! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  2. I can not find my blog :/ Can you get to it,? Can you email me the link, maybe I am speeing it wrong rofl, I did not save it on my toolbar . Ha

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