Sweater Teddy Bear


I had a sentimental sweater from a beloved family member that always seemed to say “teddy bear,” so I decided to give it a go! I have a hand-me-down pattern that was a perfect fit for the sweater front and back (McCall’s Crafts 703), but otherwise I probably would have sketched my own. The eyes only required a bit of embroidery on two of the knit-in designs. Then, since the McCall’s pattern was faceless, I used Claire’s cute (and FREE!) softie pattern on Craft Schmaft to figure out the snout. After stitching and stuffing, the squeezable, huggable Teddy is in the arms of a sweet little one. Plus, I still have the sleeves and a few smaller remnants left for new projects . . . we’ll see what those bits say! ♥


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  1. Very nice! What kind of stitch and /or seam finishing do you use? I’ve often admired your sweater creations, but just now started thinking about how things might want to start unraveling. See you SOON! Love – yr sis

  2. You are so wonderful in everything you make…I love how you like to make the best use of the leftovers …the sleeve bits too….ah I feel so good to know there is somebody out there who hates to throw away her torn bits ;)) I don’t feel lonely anymore 🙂 btw that teddy is so adorable !

  3. Wow! He turned out so adorably well!! What an idea! I liked your pullover pillow idea but this is even better. Me who makes toys mainly, never thought of this!!! Your webpage always sends me off with thoughts and ideas that make me smile! Look out local op shop, here I come again!! 🙂

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    Oh you are so clever! I am inspired. I have little cardigans and jumpers that I knitted for my kids when they were little……..what a great idea and a beautiful keepsake. I wish I’d thought of it before I got rid of all the other hand knitteds! And it killed me to part with them, too.

  5. This is lovely! I am a sentimental soul and I just love the idea of recreating something special, unused and perhaps folded up in a box.. into something that will live on in a different form and continue to build memories! Priceless
    : )

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