Another Sweater Teddy Bear!


Recently I had the privilege of making a sweater teddy bear for Sharon of Gentlestitches, both shown in the photo below. Sharon sent a well-loved carousel-horse-print sweater all the way from Australia to Kansas, USA and wrote such a lovely post when her bear (now named Eddie!) arrived home. Here’s to bloggy friends near and far! ♥ P.S. Click here and here for more bear love. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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  1. We LOVE Eddie the Pillows A La Mode Bear. My young son said “Eddie should sit on the living room couch so everyone can see him, rather than in a bedroom.” Even though he is a Teddy Bear he has a “pillow” look about him too. Lol! Your “pillow making” is subtly shining through. 🙂
    Hugs from Sharon and Eddie. ❤

  2. What a terrific story! I can “bearly” contain my happiness for you both. Have you ever thought of playing “Where In The World Is Eddie-Bear?” Best wishes always.

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