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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have a little story to share. For me, it started with this sweet post from Claire of The Penguin Theory about an amazing artist from Portugal named Sandra. When the Etsy community learned that Sandra had faced a great loss, they banded together for a fundraiser sponsored by Esther and Estella of Star of the East (with an Etsy shop here) who invited fellow artists to make a donation toward a raffle with more than 50 Etsy items as prizes. The response was overwhelming, and I know all the winners are just ecstatic! Others have ordered items from Sandra’s own Etsy shop called Azulado, where I found this gorgeous ceramic heart. It arrived this week just in time for the holiday, beautifully wrapped in a handmade box tied with ribbon.Β  Please visit Azulado when you get a chance (and also Etsy angels The Penguin Theory and Star of the East) from this post or anytime from my Shop Love! page above. Love and prayers to you and your family, Sandra!Β β™₯


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  1. a heart-warming story (i hate that cliche, but it’s all i got right now). I’ve just been to Sandra’s Etsy shop, it’s gorgeous. Love your heart. My daughter told me about a site the other day called, your story made me think about this. There’s so much that’s dreadful in the world, sometimes we need lots of reminders about the good things that happen. Happy Valentine’s Day to you πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Katherine !!!! Wishing you all the best to you and your family xoxo …. Your blog is like google or amazon you will find what you are looking for πŸ™‚

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