Grandmother Vase


I wanted to make a special hostess gift for our granddaughter Katy’s other grandmother . . . a wonderful, fun-loving lady who hosted Katy’s first birthday party earlier this month. When I read this sweet post and tutorial by Kim of Craft•Create•Connect, I knew I’d found just the right one . . . a tiny bottle vase in which to display a little flower Katy lovingly picks or a pretty leaf or feather she finds. Simply find or purchase a glass bottle (this one was less than $2 at Michaels), attach one or more charms around the neck (I used raffia-covered wire), and you’re done!  And how lucky was I to find this adorable little “K” charm??? Thank you for all you do for the family we both love, dear Lydia! ♥


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  1. I love to give vases as gifts, usually with flowers I know the recipient likes, but never though of personalizing them with charms! Great idea! Bet I can find some inspiration in my jewelry-making stash…

  2. great idea . . . I have the perfect bottle, too – one we found in the garbage we had to clean up at our old house when we bought it. At least we got something good out of being on garbage detail!

  3. Another BRILLIANT idea. I always wonder what kind of things to do with all the little charms that are available these days. My mind is spinning now…. hmmmm…. I have two daughter-in-laws. I think I’ll make a little vase for each with personal charms representing them. Oh goodie!! Thank you thank you!

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    I’ve never reblogged before, but I thought this idea was so simple but wonderful that I wanted to share it. Leave it to Pillows A-La-Mode to come up with it because without a doubt she is one crafty lady with a kind heart. It is just a lovely idea whether it is for a grandmother, mother, daughter, or friend. I like it as you can tell. 🙂

  5. Sometimes I think we overuse the word “sweet.” But definitely not in this case! So simple. So touching! And I love it when families are so generous and kind to not leave out the “other” grandmas!

    • Thank you, Joyce! I am blessed that all my “co-grandmothers” are wonderful ladies that I would want as my good friends even if we didn’t share our children! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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