Freezer Pop Holder Redo (and Hostess Gift!)


In this post I told how to make freezer pop holders from 4 x 4 fleece squares. One of my wise commenters said that when she made them, she was going to leave them open at the top AND bottom so kids could slide them up the freezer pops as they ate. Well, I had lots of testers at our family get-together, and she was absolutely right! So I refashioned them by snipping off the bottom seam and blanket-stitching it like the top. Ahhhhhh . . . much better! Oh, and freezer pops and a little pouch of holders in a fun gift bag make a perfect summer hostess gift for families with little ones! β™₯


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  2. I love how crafters collaborate – a idea from here, an idea from there and everything gets better! Thanks for sharing this update. (PS – that was what I hated about the TV show Craft Wars. I’ve always thought crafters were much more about collaboration than confrontation!)

  3. Your original idea was excellent, I love through product testing so to speak your idea has evolved further. Agreeing that it is great to see crafters sharing ideas & encouraging each othet

    • Thank you! I guess I hadn’t actually EATEN a freezer pop for so many years that I forgot about sliding them up! Luckily, it was an easy fix . . . and I’m always looking for hand work to do in the car or while watching TV anyway! πŸ™‚

  4. They are darling, and I especially like the red one! What a wonderful way to start a day, with all of you! Thank you πŸ˜‰

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