DIY Bunny Bag


BagSo, ever since my Bag O’ Bunnies post, all my sewing buddies have been making bunnies out of their fabric and ribbon scraps! And some of my blogging friends, too, like Something to Ponder About and Sew Much Choice! I’ve been giving them away in small baskets as hostess gifts and have a big basketful of them by the fireplace, but I decided to gift the rest in handmade bags. I’m sure everyone already has a favorite method for making drawstring bags, but just in case, here’s mine:

(1) Cut out fabric in a square or rectangle of the desired size.

(2) Decorate the half that will be on the front with embroidery, applique, painting, or other crafty skills. I love to embroider and needed a road-trip project last weekend, so here is my design.

(3) Fold the bag in half right sides together.

(4) Stitch the side and bottom EXCEPT (and this is important!) for leaving an opening in the seam two or three inches from the top.

(5) Press open the seam, and press under 1/4 inch on the top of the bag.

(6) Turn the top to the inside and stitch it to the bag all the way around, making sure your stitching is below the opening in the seam.

(7) Turn the bag right-side out and press.

(8) Using a safety pin, thread ribbon or cord through the opening and tie the ends.  (Click photo below for close-up.)

(9) Stuff bag with bunnies . . . you’re done! ♥


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  1. Ya know, just when I think you could not make yet ANOTHER thing adorable….you do it AGAIN! This bunny bag is screaming Spring and filling it with bunnies just makes it all better! LOVE IT!

  2. Hi there, thank you for liking my posts. I added a little bit more about me in the About Me section on my blog today. 🙂

  3. Great post, but I’m absolutely useless at sewing with a machine, even sewing straight edges is beyond me I’m afraid. A new programme just started in the UK this week, called The Great British Sewing Bee, it’s a competition where a number of contestants are given sewing tasks which are then judged. This week they had to make an A line skirt from a pattern, then they had to alter the neckline on a shop bought top (I think you would be very good at that) and lastly they had to make a dress for a live model all within time pressures too! Does that sound easy to you? It would scare me to death, although I did find it fascinating and I greatly admire anyone that can sew and make clothes. Linda x

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