DIY Play Tent



Dave and I collaborated on an indoor/outdoor and foldable/take-apartable/storable play tent for a special birthday boy using a tutorial from Gemma of Gembobs Crafts. Check out her beautiful crocheted version here! The fabric for ours is “Red River II Stripe Blue” from, and two and one-half yards of 45-inch wide fabric was a PERFECT fit. It was easy and fun and we’re ready to make more! Thank you, Gemma! β™₯


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  1. Oooh, I LOVE this, it’s looks like lots of fun will be had:) I’ve seen one designed for throwing over a washing line, with sewn on windows, doors and climbing plants.. could add any details or keep it lovely and simple:)

  2. Wonderful idea!! Have bookmarked it and think this will work, along with the “Bunny Bowling” idea I found elsewhere, for my GG Grand daughter’s b’day this summer!!!! Thanks so much!!!!! Hugs……

  3. Brilliant idea and I love the fabric choice! I also love how it can be set up so quickly and folded down for easy storage. Pinterest, here we come! ~Thea

  4. Where was this when the Boys were little? Love it! I could have made one for each of them, although at least two of the Boys probably would have used them to club their siblings. So maybe not so bad that you just discovered them now….

  5. Reblogged this on Living like an Erythrocyte and commented:
    I’ve been too afraid that my kids will destroy my camping tent if I set it up in the playroom for them so I’ve been meaning to find/make something else and this’ll do! I’d been wondering what I’d sew with those two ugly tablecloths I’d inherited from past roommates anyway. Off to the hardware store for wood because like every grown woman should, I already own a drill and I know how to use it!

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