Photo Star


Photo StarYes, I’m about to share ANOTHER amazing daughter-in-law craft! We were so excited to get this beautiful star with photos of our dear little ones for Christmas.  Jen was kind enough to send me a tutorial this week . . . and she must have known I’d ask, because she’d even taken a photo of her materials!  Thank you, Jen! ♥

(1) Get a wooden or metal star from a craft store, some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, a paint brush, scissors, and photos.  Tip: Photos that are further away from the subject work better than close-ups.

Jen's Craft Materials(2) Use a piece of plain paper to cut templates for each side of the star points. Then look at the pictures and decide which ones to put on the star and where they will go based on their sizes and vertical/horizontal positions.

(3) Use your template to cut out the pictures, making sure they are facing the same way as their position will be on the star.

(4) Paint the backs of the photos with Mod Podge and stick them to the star.

(5) Cut scrapbook paper to fit any extra space on each point of the star and Mod Podge it on.

(6) Paint the whole star with Mod Podge and let it dry overnight.

(7) TA-DAH!!!

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    • It’s a special glue for decoupage. We have all different sizes of bottles of it in craft stores here, but I’ve seen recipes for homemade versions on Pinterest and blogs, too . . . a mix of glue and water??? I hope you can find or make some! 🙂

  1. Wow! That is one of the Best things I’ve ever seen…and easy to do to. Some people are just very creative…When it comes to things like that I’m definitely not…

  2. I would love that as a gift, how lucky you are to have such talented daughters-in-law. I think I will do this for my son next year, it would look lovely in their new home. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  3. I do like this star! I was wondering – did she use proper quality photos, i.e. printed at a store, or are these photos that she’d printed herself to size? I’m guessing they’d need to be professional quality photos to avoid going bleary from the glue?

  4. Wow! This is SO cool! I’m gonna have to pin to my pinterest board & make one myself in the future! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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