Mint Tin Tic-Tac-Toe


I’m at it again . . . trying to figure out fun ways to repurpose empty mint tins! I’ve already had a chance to try out my mint tin sewing kit, so this time I decided to make one into a game.

(1) Decorate the top with a tic-tac-toe symbol using paint, scrapbook paper, tape, ribbon, or fabric with embroidery (my choice!).

(2) Find five each of two different colors of buttons.

(3) Glue magnets on the buttons.

(4) You’re ready to play . . . perfect for home, the car, or restless little ones at a restaurant or waiting room.

Click the photo for a larger view, here for the super-cute version at Art + Baja that gave me the idea,  here for a tic-tac-toe game made of felt, and here for another wonderful mint tin craft by Look What Mommy Made!  ♥

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  1. This is adorable 😀 You already have me thinking what other games could be made miniature in a mint tin… hmmm xXx

  2. how cute is this !! Now I know what to do with all my little tins, will make great stocking stuffers !! Thanks for being so creative

  3. I can’t believe I just saw this…. I have been saving altoid tins for a few months now and just made my first “card” with it. I love this idea too. I’ll be blogging about my tin, it was so fun to make and I just have TONS of ideas for more.

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  5. Hi Ya –
    Thanks so much for the “like” on my post right after I posted I was going to send you a message letting you know I mentioned you in there and also provided a link to your altoid tin make over too.
    happy Crafting!

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