X’s and O’s . . . er . . . Lemons and Limes


Do you have little ones in your family who LOVE to play tic-tac-toe? We do! Since I bought plenty of orange, yellow, green, and white felt for my citrus coaster project, I decided to use it to make a birthday gift for one of these sweet little girls with a giant orange slice gameboard and lemon and lime game pieces. And how serendipitous to find an orange slice notepad in the dollar bin at Michaels for keeping score! 🙂 At first, I was going to make a bag out of my citrus fabric to hold everything, but then I figured out that the gameboard itself could be the bag with the addition of ties. It worked! Now I’m imagining all sorts of other themes . . . a basketball gameboard with different colors of “team” T-shirts for the game pieces . . . a Disney fabric gameboard with Mickey and Goofy game pieces . . . the sky is the limit! You could also make them different sizes and even add velcro to the gameboard and pieces to play it in the car. Other ideas are welcome! ♥

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  1. This is so bright and colorful. The pieces look big enough that maybe they won’t get lost. I love it. Can you imagine making some to donate to a children’s shelter? the kids don’t have much room or anything to call their own. Might have to maybe add some velcro to keep the pieces in. How big is it when it’s open?

    • I made the game pieces the same size as the coasters I’ve been sewing (the size of a peanut butter jar lid), so the gameboard is 18 inches across to accommodate the pattern. I love your idea of making some to donate! Thanks for thinking of that! 🙂

  2. My son loves this game, I just might try this idea except maybe something more 5 year old boyish 🙂 like web’s and spiders 🙂 since Halloween is on his mind lately.. great idea!

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