Christmas Gift Wall Art


Besides having the best home cooking around, Carriage Crossing in Yoder, KS has an amazing gift shop, including many items created by local artists. It was there that I finally found the perfect art to fill a large wall space in our great room. The bright colors enliven the room, and I’ve always been partial to sunflowers. Plus, the paintings show many different textural techniques, and I love how they overlap, causing your eyes to move across the canvases.

To make the paintings fit with our Christmas decor, I tried a trick I’ve seen in stores and restaurants, choosing paper with a tree design so I can leave it up through the winter if I like. Plus, something about seeing a wrapped package speaks of wishes granted and dreams fulfilled, and what better aspiration to carry into the new year! (And then there’s the satisfaction of tearing off the paper when we’re ready for a shot of spring . . .) ♥



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