Breakfast and Doll Pillows


We love meeting Kyle, Christin, Allyson, and Kira for breakfast at Carriage Crossing in Yoder on a Saturday morning! Last time I asked the girls to bring some of the doll pillows we’ve made together and tell you how to make them, and they sweetly obliged. ♥

(1) Get a square of felt. (2) Put it in a hoop. (3) Get a long needle that’s not too sharp. (4) Get your favorite color of yarn and make some stitches. Don’t poke yourself! (5) Keep changing colors. (6) Give your design to Grandma so she can sew it to another square on three sides. (7) Turn the pillow right-side out. (8) Stuff it! (9) Ask Grandma to sew the last side shut. (10)You’re done!



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    • Our other current favorite craft is making bracelets with long pipe cleaners (er . . . uh . . . I mean “chenille stems”) and beads. I’m sure Kyle and Christin are SOOOOOOOOO excited to get five or six new ones every time they visit! 🙂

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