Five Stones Game


After I won a Five Stones game from Sharon of A Chronicle of My Sewing Adventures, I decided to try my hand at making my own. It was SO easy! I have a stash of inexpensive pony beads for kid crafts, so I used those as stuffing to make the “stones” washable. Then I tried a drawstring pouch I saw on Bec’s Handmade & Home blog to store them in. These two fabrics were together in a fat quarter bundle I got as a birthday gift. I finished the whole set in about an hour, and it will be fun to make more by mixing and matching fabrics for different personalities. Click here for the game piece tutorial and game directions and here for the drawstring pouch tutorial. Thank you, Sharon and Bec! ♥ Bag and Game

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  1. Those little pyramids look just like the juggling supplies that I make! (I keep a whole bunch of juggling supplies at my desk at work for passersby to use as a stress reliever, LOL) – love the little drawstring pouch. I have to give that a try… and check out this game that you speak of!

    • You’re right . . . they would work perfectly for juggling! An elementary school where I used to live did juggling the first five minutes of every day after finding a research report about its relation to reading development. And my own sons used to juggle items when they went with me to the grocery store! Yikes! 🙂

  2. Love the springy fabrics you chose! And that you waste no time when you’re feeling inspired. I could learn a thing or two from you (considering it took me a year to actually finish the dress I was inspired to create last May, lol). You rock! (Pun intended.)

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