Carrot Patch!


Soooooo . . . have you made your fabric carrots yet? I went a little crazy with mine! Now that I have enough to completely fill the tray, it looks like a little veggie patch! Find some orange and green remnants to mix and match, go to this tutorial at Clare’s Craftroom, and you, too, can have a garden growing on your dining room table! ♥


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  1. I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest that reminds me of these carrots. It was a play planting bed with fabric veggies and a stuffed planting bed that had slots between pillow-like “dirt” to “plant” the stuffed vegetables. There’s an idea for your carrots!

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  3. This is crazy o.O why are fabric carrots all the rage all of a sudden …I mean even our kids museum had them …cute idea for play toys though

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