New Home Pillows


Our Georgia family recently moved and needed some new pillow décor. First, we made a bench seat cushion for baby Josh’s toy box (handmade by his Uncle Jeff!). Josh’s room is morphing into a travel theme—don’t you just LOVE this map fabric his mommy picked out? We had enough for a square pillow to pose on the rocking chair, too. Then we made some floral and solid-with-button-a-la-mode pillows for the purple sofa in the living room. Mary Ann purchased the fabrics at Curtain Call in Augusta, Georgia. ♥  P.S. Now I want a purple sofa!



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  1. That’s a peach of a toy box. The map fabric is so fun. Cool! 🙂
    Great looking pillows there, and you know what… now I want a purple sofa too… lol

  2. The toy chest/bench combo is so cool and I love the purple and yellow floral fabric! Remember when putting those two colors together was a no-no? Glad we’ve moved on from that nonsense…

  3. I like the way world maps vary depending on where you are from. The European world map has Europe dead centre with everything else either side. My Korean friends are used to a world map with their home in the centre – an entirely different way of looking at the world.

    • When I was a classroom teacher I had a world map shower curtain (from Target!) hanging in my room. We could mark it with a dry-erase marker, tape current events to their area of origin, and do all sorts of other fun projects. Since you’re a teacher, too, I thought you might like that idea! 🙂

  4. ooh now I need travel fabric covered furniture! Travel is our wedding theme (in June) and I think now I’d like to continue it into throw pillows or something! Thanks for sharing!

    • I LOVE your wedding theme! And that would be so touching to carry on the theme in your home. I added a link in my post to the shop where Mary Ann bought the fabric. I hope you can find some you love!

  5. Just like all the wonderful people who have already said the map fabric is fantastic. I’m still amazed at the fabric some people find.

    The purple sofa looks great with the cushions

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  7. I love it all. That map fabric is adorable. I like that it covers the globe so that you could feature any continent, depending on where you live.

    What kind of wood did Jeff use? It’s got remarkable depth and character.

    Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I’m with you: a purple couch/sofa sounds…divine.

  8. That world globe fabric is terrific Kathryn ! What a great find … fun to pick out far flung places from the top of the toy box instead of an old atlas … Lol showing my age … or the net ….

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