Thread Shelf


BowlWhen I did my spring cleaning this year, I found a few forgotten treasures in the closet. One was a “miniatures” shelf that we used in our last house.

When I saw this post, I knew just what to do with it!  Even though Mandy re-purposed a cutlery tray instead, the idea worked perfectly.

All the leftover spools are still on their kabobs in a bowl.  (I have a LOT of hand-me-down spools of thread . . . lucky me!)

I love the fun shots of color in my sewing room! ♥


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  1. My two loves of color are first my skeins of colorful yarn and my second favorite are my spools of colorful thread. I love the idea of the miniatures shelf that you are using for your spools. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

  2. Fantastic arrangement of colour, it is candy to my eyes! I like your re-purpose shelf and it is very nice to see your spools on display and choose the right colour for the project you are Woking on.

  3. It looks great – I want a shelf like that for all my beads!!! Don’t think I can locate a lovely wooden one easily here in Singapore unfortunately. will have to stick to my plastic boxes for now! It seems like everyone is in an ‘organising’ mood at the moment, have you noticed?

  4. Cute! My mom got me one of those wooden spool holders with the rods for each spool. I hung it on the wall next to my sewing machine.

  5. I like the shelf idea. You’re right that it does give a spot of colour to any room. I just gave away of all my extra thread to my sister-in-law to whom I’d given my sewing machine since she was more likely to make use of it than me. 🙂

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