The Mini-Screen Bag


Clear back in January I posted about the Mini-Screen Bag pattern I bought from Sew Michelle.  I finally found the perfect spot of time to make it!  It was really fun, and I learned some new-to-me techniques, such as making and inserting piping and making zipper tabs.  The pattern uses screen (which is why it’s see-through!) and two coordinating fabrics. And did I say that it’s REALLY fun to make??? 🙂  You can find the pattern here along with other bags, totes, purses, and notebook covers.  And . . . Michelle even has some F-R-E-E patterns for us on her TUTORIALS page!  Thank you, Michelle! ♥

The Mini-Screen

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    • Thank you, Theresa! I just love that burlap with the letters on it. The other piece is a remnant, but I thought the circle design would harmonize. Sometimes picking out the fabrics is half the fun, don’t you think? 🙂

    • Thank you, Tamara! It’s actually vinyl pet screen, so it’s very flexible. I wouldn’t have known what it was or where to find it, but Michelle kindly explains EVERYTHING in her patterns, including a picture of the pet screen package and that it’s available at Lowe’s! (I’m always buying something at Lowe’s to use for a project that’s NOT its intended purpose!) 🙂

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