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In the spirit of Valentine week’s focus on pink and red . . . how cute is this??? It’s a little girl’s bag upcycled from a little girl’s smocked dress that will make a perfect gift for a little girl in my family! You can see creations like this one at my blogging friend Vicky’s Etsy shop called Vicky Myers Creations, including drawstring bags, corsage bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, bucket bags, and knitting needle cases. As Vicky describes her business, “I love making new items out of recycled materials, upcycling fabric remnants and old clothes into new bags. Using many textures, colours, and patterns, I create unique handmade bags. Each bag has a label describing where the fabric has been sourced.” Please check out Vicky’s blog, her shop, and her FB page from this post or anytime from my Shop Love! page above. Thank you for my adorable purchase, Vicky! ♥


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  1. So cute!! My grandma, who has since passed, smocked ALL the time. She could do it by sight, didn’t have to count or use a pattern. I’m going to show this post to my mum and perhaps we will make some bags out of the dresses and smocked UFO’s we are so lucky to have from her.

  2. Smocking is way too precious to be pushed aside and this is such a great way to give it a second life ( unless there is a sweet someone out there who would still wear such cuteness…..maybe over jeans!?).

  3. The smocking on the front of that bag reminds me of the dresses my mom smocked for me when I was little. When she passed away, while going through some of her things, I came across a piece of blue cloth that she had used to practice her smocking before attempting to smock my dresses. For her memorial, I created a scrapbook about her life and included the smocking sample and a picture of me wearing one of those dresses. Thanks for the memory! 🙂

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