Another Wonder Woman Apron!


Work ApronRemember my Wonder Woman retro apron? (You can take a quick peek here!) I’ve made and given away three so far and have more in the works, but I wanted to make a simpler, non-ruffly version for art teacher Tiffany (one of the beautiful brides on my mantel!) who wears fun aprons at work in her job as a middle school art teacher. Then I received a bag of sewing hand-me-downs, and tucked between some fabric remnants was a denim work apron—just the body with a pocket on the bib, no neck or waist ties . . . perfect! To WW-ize it, I:

  • removed the pocket,
  • appliqued one of my WW bibs right over the top of the denim,
  • used the pocket I removed for the inside of a new WW star fabric pocket and sewed it on the skirt, and
  • made and attached star-fabric neck and waist ties.  Done! ♥

P.S.  Click here for the heart-to-heart garland and here for the red sweater heart pillow.

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  1. I do remember your Wonder woman retro apron, so pretty and I love this one too Katherine, I always loved apron since I’m a kid, I got myself a new pink one (reminds me of Valentine’s) 🙂 and still loving your beautiful heart pillow! 🙂

  2. That is so neat that Tiffany wears different fun aprons to work! I’m sure she will be too thrilled to add this one to her collection. Great job! Can’t wait for your next installment of “What can you make with a….”.

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