More Art Card Love!


Ooohhh . . . MORE cards with reproductions of original art!  And they’ll be PERFECT for invitations for a big birthday party I’m throwing this summer for the head cowboy in our family, thanks to my blogging friend Beverly of Beverly Dyer Fine Art and Stationery, who also sells her beautiful creations in many stores in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.  She even added this beautiful memo pad to my order!  Click here for Beverly’s web site, here for her blog, and here for her Etsy shop featuring painted art prints, cards, pendants, and pillows, or find her links anytime in my Shop Love! page above.  Thank you, Beverly! ♥


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  1. I owe you a bleated birthday wish. Things got a little hectic personally and blog wise so I am just coming up for a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for sharing how you felt receiving all of the wonderful cards. It must have been an incredible experience. Happy Birthday! ~Thea

  2. I love watercolor, and I love her choice of flowers and trees, everything on her etsy shop is gorgeous. I would love her to design my website, just beautiful

    • I love it all, too! My husband Dave wears cowboy boots all the time so (even though these are girly red flowery ones) I especially loved this painting. And getting cards makes having prints so affordable! 🙂

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