Birthday Card Love


Mobile FramedFramed in frameRemember the beautiful birthday cards I received a week ago today?  The fabric postcard is framed (Laura wrote a how-to post about it and I even commented . . . never knowing what she was up to! :)), twenty are on my photo mobile, and the rest are displayed in a beautiful bowl. Thank you again for the wonderful surprise! ♥

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    • I’ve had it for a long time and used it in my first-grade classroom for special displays. I can’t even remember where I got it! But I just googled and you can buy them lots of places for around $10. For example, put “photo mobile hanging” in the search bar at I hope you can find one you like! 🙂

  1. Very creative, and beautifully made. Great idea for a Nursery, Child’s Room, or even as part of a Birthday Party Decorations. Thanks for sharing such Creative Ideas always. Mtetar

  2. I love the idea of the fabric post card. I have some special relatives who live a long way away who I am always trying to think of interesting things to post. These are so personal.

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