Art Jars


A couple of years ago I saw a kids’ art jar online and thought it would be the perfect gift for a special little girl’s birthday.  It was so colorful and intriguing . . . but when we dumped everything out, I found LOTS of pretty raffia filling and WAY too few actual art supplies.  Live and learn, right? So, when my dad was preparing for a recent move and asked if I’d like to have some empty plastic snack containers, I immediately thought, “ART JARS!”  I began collecting artsy/crafty items from the dollar bins at Michaels and Target, plus hitting the dollar stores, and soon had a huge bag of fun things to include.  These will be under some Christmas trees soon! ♥

Art Jars

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  1. These are perfect! Great to give as gifts, but I also like the idea of keeping a couple on hand. We don’t have kids but have several friends that do. When they come over it is always nice to have something for the young ones!

  2. What a great idea. This year the idea of putting craft items together for gifts was a little last minute, well for me at least, but I am going to start on these for next year. If I give myself the year to pick up little things I should have some really interesting jars for the kids come next Christmas.

    • I agree! I started in July, so I had lots of time. I just kept everything together in a big sack and then one day decided I probably had enough and divided it up. 🙂 Plus, lots of fun things are on sale when school starts, so that’s always a good time to stock up! 🙂

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  4. Love, love, love this gift idea! So much so, that I also shared it on my blog. Let’s see now…five grandkids…that’s alot of snacks to eat. I’d better get started now, so I can give these next year!

  5. Wonderful idea! As you said, too often kits and jars in stores contain so few supplies for the money paid. It makes so much sense to make jars that actually are filled with useful items.

  6. Yet another super idea and it has multiple applications. I was thinking you could put together a sewing jar with craft buttons for color/ filler, add pack of sewing needles, thread, a fat quarter or two… you name it. My mind in spinning with the possibilities. Thanks! 🙂

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