If you’ve ever wondered where my WordPress Gravatar originated . . . now you get to find out! It’s from one of my all-time favorite online businesses called Design-Her-Gals.  If you LOVE putting together outfits, you’re going to love this site! You pick your “you,” then dress and accessorize her and put her on stationery, business cards, mailing labels, notecards, aprons, mugs, caps, luggage tags, and all kinds of other cool items. PLUS, Design-Her-Gals supports research for Stage IV breast cancer. PLUS, they have the BEST sales! For example, right now they have 37% off all their stationery and paper products! They even have print-order and print-at-home options available! So, even if you’re not in the market for something like this right now, please explore their site when you get a chance, and get on their mailing list, too, so you’ll know about their frequent sales. I have a card for my writing business in one outfit and square gift cards for my sewing and crafts in this outfit . . . and check out the fabric swatches and sewing machine! ♥


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  1. These are fun, aren’t they! I keep threatening to make one myself, but so far it’s just on my To Do list! I am here via Pastels by Mary, and I very much enjoyed my visit! You have some great creative projects!

  2. I don’t know if I should thank you? or hate you, I spent 2 hours playing with this, even though I had a stack of work to be done, lol. This is definitely a repost !!

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  4. O MY GOSH – this was such fun!!!! I spent boodles of “I should be doing something else” time designing my gal. Not sure what to do with her yet, though.

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