You know how some of our lovely blogging friends give things away? Well, I just received this BEAUTIFUL polka-dotted apron from Moosewood Vintage Wearables & Sundries, specializing in vintage clothing & accessories, gently used formal dresses, and goat milk soaps. I LOVE it! Please visit Ruth’s WordPress blog, her FB page, and her Etsy shop. Thank you, Ruth! ♥ While I was photographing my new apron, I also pulled out my three other favorites. My mother made the one with the quilted top and pocket, and my grandmother made the tangerine print (which has a fancy cross-over back; it’s sort of like putting a puzzle together to get into it!). And the little half-apron was my VERY FIRST sewing venture when I was around eight years old, so if you’re looking for a beginning project, here’s the scoop: Grandma had me use tiny gingham so I could just follow the lines, and the “pattern” consists of a big rectangle with a casing at the top and a hem at the bottom and a self-fabric drawstring. It’s definitely one-size-fits-all, because I can still wear it today!  Someday I’d like to a-la-mode it a bit with a pocket and some embroidery. . . so many ideas, so little time . . . ♥

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  1. aww thats too cute! I need to make an apron at some point too and I want to make a fun one like this polka dot one!

  2. These are lovely aprons! How lucky of you to win one! 🙂 The orange one reminds me of one my grandma used to have. She used to wear the ones that had a front and back with a zipper in front. She called them ‘dusters’ and they were great because they covered much more of your clothing. I am a sloppy cook so protecting my clothes is important to me!

    My first ever sewing project was an apron back in grade 7 when Home Economics was a standard class in school for girls (I know. My age is showing!) Mine was blue with a bib on which I embroidered my name. I have no idea what became of it. 🙂

    • Oh . . . don’t you wish you still had that apron??? I hardly remember my grandmother without one. She also gave them for gifts . . . they were so pretty! I’ve been collecting patterns to make some but haven’t got to them yet . . . soon, I hope! 🙂

    • I know . . . aren’t they fun??? I have lots of half aprons of Grandma’s, too. They were one of her favorite things to sew because she could use all sorts of remnants and leftover notions and be so creative with them! 🙂

  3. Oooh, those remind me of my grandma. I love that style. Put it on my list of things to do. You are filling up my to do box!

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  5. I too like these aprons – we called them pinnies when I was young. I recently had a request to make two for two ladies – very similar to this using Cath Kidston fabric – they loved them thank goodness.
    Thank you for your lovely comments about my fabric – I try and choose fabric I think a bit special.

  6. Love aprons! That’s also on my to-do list, and these are really pretty. I was reading the comments here, and saw that one about pinnies…wondered if the term came from pinafores or not? Sounds enough like it to make me think of pinafores, which I think are absolutely gorgeously feminine.

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  8. Thanks for sharing this link with me. Your very first apron is so cute with the gingham (wasn’t Grandma clever to have you use that fabric!) I, too, can wear my first apron today – but it’s a snugger fit for sure. 😀

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