Spring and Summer Receiving Blanket


My Grandma Leona used to make these receiving blankets for all the spring and summer babies in the family. No pattern is needed; simply pin and sew two large squares of lightweight, seersucker-type fabric together with giant ric-rac tucked in the seam. I had the perfect excuse to make one, too . . . for our newest granddaughter, Emily Elizabeth! ♥


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  1. “Strawberry Shortcake” (not the dessert!)……am I dating myself??? That’s what came to mind when I brought up your blog!!!! So sweet!!! With all the “modern” baby stuff on the market these days, I thing that things like receiving blankets get forgotten and they are still needed!!! Lovin’ it!!!!

  2. I haven’t seen you on my reader in such a long while. No notifications of posts either. So I found you liking someone else’ blog and here you are. Congrats on the new granddaughter. Wasn’t lucky enough to have grandkids but once in a while I make receiving blankets for friends of friends. I’ll keep trying to figure out why I’m not connecting with you. I’ve been a bit swamped so things creep past me. I was looking at the table runner under the Easter egg tote. Love the colors. Did you make it?

  3. All these items are gorgeous! Love the receiving blanket most! Especially the pink rose fabric. Is that seersucker?! If I may ask, Where is that purchased?

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