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Yet Another Dave’s Shirt to My Shirt


Here’s the fourth transformation, after an apron, long-sleeved blue shirt, and short-sleeved plaid shirt. I love this one with jeans, black yoga pants, and even a black pencil skirt, alone or with a cardigan. I have more Dave shirts I’ll tackle this winter, but for now I’m off to other projects. Next up . . . a tooth fairy pillow for a new five-year old! ♥

Boxy Shirt

Dave’s Shirt to My Shirt


After warming up by making an apron from one of Dave’s shirts, I refashioned the next one into a shirt for me with a little snipping, pinning, stitching, and homemade bias tape. It’s perfect for summer-into-fall, and SO comfortable. I love it! ♥


Shirt + Shirt = Shirt Refashion


I noticed two shirts in my closet archives that could be cousins . . . different fabrics, but very similar colors and patterns. The first shirt was there because it’s too short. (I could only wear it if I didn’t plan on raising my arms for any reason, which is a little silly!) The second shirt was VERY well-loved, but it had some snags thanks to a clothes-eating teacher’s desk I once had in my classroom, so I decided to sacrifice Shirt 2 to save Shirt 1. I love the result, and now I wear it all the time! It looks great with jeans, denim or khaki capris, or a brown skirt. Of course I had to make a flower out of the scraps, too, using one of Aunt Vitha’s (more sedate) earrings for the center. (Click on gallery for larger photos.) Thank you, Shirt 2! ♥