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Refrigerator A-La-Mode


A LONG time ago I repinned an idea on Pinterest for lining refrigerator shelves with plastic placemats for easy clean up.  However, I’d completely forgotten about it . . . UNTIL I read this post by the lovely Kelly of Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons!  I was totally inspired when Kelly said, “When I am done, it is so satisfying.  I tend to open and close the fridge over and over just to take a peek.”  Since “clean the refrigerator” was on my spring cleaning to-do list, it was the perfect time to try it out.  And W-O-W do I ever love these cheery placemats from IKEA!!!  Poppies on my sugar bowl!  Birds in my refrigerator!  What’s coming over me??? ♥



More Placemat Pouches


I posted my first placemat pouch in January and since made several more. The only holdup was that I decided to use “real” buttonholes this time instead of a snap covered with a button and I hadn’t used my buttonhole attachment in ??? years and wasn’t sure if I remembered how. Yesterday I dug it out and had them all done in 30 minutes! I guess making buttonholes is like playing the piano or riding a bike . . . once you learn how, you never forget. Here are the new pouches, all with buttons from my grandmother’s collection, and all ready to give to people I love. ♥