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The Rice Trick Worked!


PhoneFridays are laundry day at our house. When I got home from the Y last Friday, I tossed my clothes in the laundry basket and hopped in the shower.

Later, when I turned on the washer and started throwing in clothes, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t taken my cell phone out of the pocket of my work-out capris! Peering in, I saw the phone loose but submerged. When I snatched it out, it already had all sorts of funny symbols on the screen, and I said my allowed yearly bad word.  🙂

I’d heard of people putting a wet cell phone into a bowl of rice, so I quickly pulled off the back, pulled out the battery, patted all the parts as dry as possible, and covered them with rice.

I put everything back together 24 hours later, and my phone works perfectly! So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, give it a try . . . hopefully you’ll get the same happy results! ♥

Rice Bowl