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DIY Poppy Sugar Bowl and Creamer



Do you ever squeal with delight when you see a blog post? Of course you do! ūüôā That’s what happened when I saw the DIY Poppy Teapot from the lovely Natalie of La gang √† Nat. Seriously, go look at it now right HERE. Isn’t it gorgeous??? And all I could think of was that I had a plain white sugar bowl and creamer that I’ve used for YEARS, and wouldn’t they look LOVELY with Natalie’s poppy a-la-mode? So I emailed her to make sure I could copy her design and post it here, and she said YES! (She’s VERY nice!) The only difference is that I used Sharpies since I already had them on hand and then baked the items in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the color. I just LOVE them . . . thank you, dear Natalie!¬†‚ô•


From Scraps to Crafts


See these beautiful flowers? They’re painted on a vinyl record album!!!¬†I love it!¬†This work of art was created by my friend Kristin and her parents.¬†Kristin was a student teacher in my school and is now a full-fledged teacher, newlywed, and brand-new Etsy shop owner.¬†I’d like to invite you to check out Kristin’s blog here and her shop here—featuring¬†painted glassware, handmade cards, candle holders, and more—or anytime from my Shop Love! page above.¬†Thank you again for the lovely gift, Kristin! ‚ô•